Fine Art & Antiques 11 December 2021, at 10am

ELSTOB & ELSTOB Fine Art & Antiques 11 December 2021, at 10am 468 A PERSIANTABRIZ RUG, the red field with scalloped cream edges and blue and cream corners, with green and cream stepped medallion, the whole with all-over scrolling foliate design, the main red border with multicoloured flowerheads and sprays, enclosed by two narrow blue borders of multicoloured trailing flowerheads and foliage. 197cm by 143cm £200.00-£300.00 469 A STRIKING PERSIANTABRIZ RUG, the blue field with all-over green and pink pattern and cream and green corners, a large plain red stepped lozenge enclosing a smaller stepped lozenge of the main field design, the main red border with conforming green pattern enclosed by double inner and outer borders of narrow pink and slightly broader cream with pink flowerheads. 185cm by 130cm £200.00-£300.00 470 A PERSIAN SAROUK RUNNER, the pink field with all-over multicoloured small boteh, with double narrow borders of yellow and brown, all enclosed within a pink guard border. 280cm by 87cm £200.00-£300.00 471 A PERSIAN KERMAN PRAYER MAT, CIRCA 1900. 78cm by 60cm £100.00-£150.00